About family therapy

Family therapy

Family therapy is based on the realisation that no one is an isolated individual. We are always part of a context, such as our families. This context  – the people around you – play a role when problems develop, but they are also essential when you want to overcome problems. That is why I believe in involving family members in therapy.

Family therapy improves communication and understanding among family members. Common ground and emotional connections are rediscovered. Family therapy helps improve parental skills, such as getting aligned as parents, negotiating constructively, and making deals that work.

In family therapy everyone gets to participate, both old and young. Depending on what works for you, we alternate talking with other activities, such as drawing, play, or games. My work style is practical and goal-oriented, and I regularly include exercises or some kind of homework. I like humour and believe in playfulness.
Next to therapy sessions with the whole family, it may be useful to see people individually. We will decide this together.

What if you think family therapy might help you, but you are not sure whether your family members will be willing to come along? Contact me, and we will think about this together and see what is possible.

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How long will a therapy take?

This varies, depending on the situation. After our initial meeting, I will make an estimate for you. It is often wise to start with a series of 5 appointments. In many cases this already leads to noticeable improvements. We then decide together what else is needed.