Fees and practical information


Initial session 45 minutes         –         free of charge

Therapy session 60 minutes    –          €90,-

  • During the initital session, you can explore freely whether you think therapy at de Korenwolf will be right for you. Likewise, if after listening to you I doubt that I can help you, I will tell you so openly.
  • If we do decide to continue with therapy, we will agree on a certain number of sessions to start with, for example 5.  We will then evaluate together whether more is needed and desired after that.


  • Family therapy de Korenwolf is a partner of  Zorg &Co. This means that your municipality will pay the treatment if they refer your family to me. Your child must be under 18. Contact the youth-care department of your municipality.
  • Some international work-related insurances cover psychotherapy and family therapy. Check with your insurance. Dutch insurance companies usually do not cover family therapy.
  • For families with minimum income a special arrangement can apply.

Practical information

  • The therapy takes place in the side building of the former farmhouse De Korenwolf.
  • Free parking available.
  • Professional code: I am bound to the professional code of the NVRG.
  • Complaints: for official complaints I submit to the complaints procedure of the professional association P3NL.
  • Client confidentiality: I abide by the confidentiality and privacy rules as laid down in the Dutch regulations (AVG)