About me

My name is Saskia Everts. I have more than 20 years of experience as a child therapist and a family therapist. Next to my work at The Korenwolf, I also work as a family therapist in the psychiatric clinic Mondriaan.

I firmly believe that everybody has their strengths. Parents can be amazingly strong when it comes to their children. In my therapies I try to make use of these strengths as well as the hopes and positive intentions of all family members, even when all the good things have become submerged beneath frustration and despair. Starting from there, we start the step by step proces of finding back gratifying family life.


I have a master’s degree in sociology of the family. Before I became a family therapist, I taught at a university and worked in Africa. I am a full member of the Dutch professional organisation of family therapists (the NVRG). This means that I have done – and continue to do – all the training required for my work according to national standards.

I am a native Dutch speaker and offer family therapy in both Dutch and English. I lived for 4 years in the US and Canada and am comfortable with communicating in English.

Anything else?

I come from a family of 7 children, of which I am the youngest. I have a son and foster children, who are all grown up now and live independently. I live with my husband and quite a few animals in the former farm house ‘de Korenwolf’.