De Korenwolf

Family therapy

It is not always easy to be a family. Actually, for most families, it involves a lot of hard work. Sometimes you become caught up in patterns that nobody wants – yet they seem impossible to break.

At such a time you may want to consider the help of a family therapist. Committed and professional support, new perspectives, and the right expertise can make all the difference for you and your family.

In the fields just outside Maastricht lies the former farmhouse De Korenwolf. In this friendly and inviting place I offer therapy for families and parents. You are very welcome to call, email or make an appointment to discuss what I can do for you.

Some of the questions or worries that I can help with:

  • It seems that all I am doing these days is disciplining my child.
  • Why does our child have so many fears?
  • How can we, as divorced parents, co-parent more successfully.
  • We seem to be totally losing control. It is becoming unbearable at home!
  • We just do not agree on how to bring up our children. We keep on getting into arguments about it.
  • All this jealousy and fighting among our kids… how can they find some peace?
  • My child just seems unhappy. What can I do?